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GOD Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) also called the Holy Grail Unified Theory of Everything is an ultimate gift from God to humanity through the African race. It is a revelation of the secret code to the understanding of how God created the universe. It is therefore understood by all humankind and indeed all creatures that only God can reveal such a secret to anyone and that whichever group, class or race of these creatures is blessed with that revelation would be considered God’s most beloved, chosen or gifted set of creatures. Over the ages of human existence various human groups have consistently tried to claim that they were the ones chosen by God to receive that revelation. Religions, wars and other instruments have been used by humanity to try to prove one human group or another was God’s chosen group of people. That fundamental struggle to determine the most blessed group of humanity has dominated the global history of humanity since the beginning of time. The struggle has also preoccupied the efforts, the mind and the time of every human group throughout history. Human and natural resources are used in large quantities by human groups utilizing the most sophisticated and powerful propaganda tools to convince other human groups that they are the most blessed. This is why the concept of “God’s chosen people” features prominently in human religions. The emphasis on this concept has many times in religion managed to replace God as the central focus of those religions. In fact, this fundamental struggle and its emphasis contribute significantly to why humanity has so many religions. This is because if there is one GOD, WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE CENTRAL POINT IN RELIGION, there should have been one religion for humanity. Over the ages of humanity this struggle has played out in various forms. The more frequent forms are religious, scientific or philosophical. While these various forms seem to represent different points of view, GAGUT would determine that all of these points of view are supposed to have one common denominator or origin, which is TRUTH. This is because while the originators of the religious, scientific or philosophical positions may claim logical deductions and inductions or revelations from God, they all are supposed to be presenting the TRUTH. From the religious dimension the Holy Books comprised of the Torah, the Bible and the Koran, present their accounts on the basis of what they call a revelation from God. Scientists and philosophers present their principles on the basis of what they call logic. In antiquity, religion, science and philosophy were unified and was called spirituality. Spirituality was based on a combination of revelation from God and logic. Spirituality was the tool that the ancient Africans used in their presentation of their worldview or their understanding of the universe. Their universe could be called the Ancient African Universe, in which the basic concepts of Khemistry (Chemistry) and Umaa, also called Maat or maatmaaticos (Mathematics). The Ancient African Universe also had a very sophisticated astronomy. With the European conquest of African civilization including Kemet (Egypt), an African geographer and astronomer with a Greek name, Ptolemy, presented his own understanding of the ancient African universe and developed what could be called the Ptolemaic Universe. The Ptolemaic Universe was said to have a solar system, which has planet earth as its center. While the Ancient African Universe prevailed from antiquity until the first century A.D., the Ptolemaic Universe lasted from the first century to the 1500s, lasting about 1400 years. Nicholas Copernicus, who determined the center of the solar system to be the Sun, which is called a Heliocentric Solar System, revised the Ptolemaic Universe. Galileo Galilei, Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton supported the Copernicus position. Together these four scientists transformed the Ptolemaic Universe into a Copernicus-Galileo-Kepler-Newton Universe, CGKN universe or simply the Newtonian Universe the for short. The Newtonian universe lasted 400 years, until the early 1900s, when it was revised by Albert Einstein through his relativity theory. Einstein’s revision of the Newtonian Universe is called the Einsteinian Universe. One of the concepts of the Einsteinian Universe is the expanding universe. Einstein’s universe lasted for about one century, right to the end of the 1900s, when it was revised by GAGUT resulting in the GAGUT Universe, which is the total universe that is non-expanding. This roughly says that human existence has witnessed five (5) types of universe so far.

The Ancient African Universe was characterized, as was said earlier, by the development of Khemistry also called the mystery of the Ancient Africans or black magic and Umaa, Maat also called MaatMaaticos (Mathematics) or geometry, which is the science of space. This geometry paved the way for the development of astronomy and the definition of the Ancient African Universe. The Ptolemaic Universe gave a summary of Ancient African Universe through the work of Ptolemy characterizing planet Earth as the center of the solar system.

The Newtonian Universe, as was discussed earlier, showed that the Sun is the center of the Solar System, the planets describe elliptical orbits around the Sun and that force of attraction, F (gravity) between two heavenly bodies with masses m1, m2, is given by the following Newtonian formula, Gm1m2 = Fr2.

The Einsteinian Universe was characterized symbolically by the formula E= MC2, from the special relativity form of the General Relativity formula, which revised the Newtonian formula.

The GAGUT Universe is characterized by a governing equation Gij, j = 0. The Newtonian Universe along with its representing formula, Gm1m2 = Fr2, signaled the calling of the Europeans to world leadership.

The Einsteinian Universe along with its representing symbolic formula E= MC2, also signaled the calling of the Jewish people to world leadership. Therefore, the GAGUT Universe with its representing formula Gij, j = 0, is signaling the calling of the Africans to world leadership.

The Newtonian Universe, Gm1m2 = Fr2, was celebrated in a big way by Europeans and Cambridge University, the home for the discovery, became the academic headquarters of the world. Professor Newton was ordained a minister of the Church of England, knighted, and was awarded the most prestigious academic chair, called the Lucasian Professorship, in addition to being appointed as the Master of both the Royal Mint and Trinity College of Cambridge University.

The Einsteinian Universe, E = MC2, was celebrated by the Jewish people as well as the rest of the world. Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics and an academic home, called the Institute for Advanced Studies, was built on the premises of Princeton University for his relativity theory. He was even offered the presidency of Israel. One of the goals of the Lucasian Professorship is to continue the legacy of Newton and by extension the European world leadership. That means that a professor who is awarded the Lucasian Professorship would be providing academic research leadership for the world. Therefore, the Europeans expected a Lucasian Professor to make a significant physics discovery like the Relativity theory. Of course, that did not happen. However, their efforts were geared toward going beyond Relativity theory. Their hopes were uplifted when they appointed Professor Stephen Hawking as the Lucasian

Professor because he showed a lot of promise and he was even informally referred to as

Einstein’s heir apparent. Einstein had struggled with the problem of finding the Unified

Theory, right through to the end of his life, without success. It was expected that Einstein’s

heir apparent would continue and successfully complete Einstein’s search for the Unified

Field Theory. It is on this basis that Professor Hawking has been expected to

be the one to discover the Unified Field Theory. Supporters of this expectation not only provided

financial and all forms of research and academic assistance, but also provided the publicity

or propaganda machine for the process. Professor Hawking while searching for this Unified

Field Theory was honored by President Clinton at the White House. In other words the

search for the Unified Field Theory is such a prestigious research topic that researchers get

famous just searching for the Unified Field Theory. Professor Hawking wrote a popular

book on the subject entitled A Brief History of Time. He also studied the concept of black

holes during the course of his search for the Unified Field Theory. His commitment to this

search has been demonstrated through years of hard work. He, even as a member of a

delegation of scientists had an audience at the Vatican with Pope John Paul II, who as the

leader of the Roman Catholic Church, also has an interest in the Unified Field Theory. It is,

therefore, very clear that Professor Hawking was determined to discover the Unified Field

Theory. However, after a long search, he did arrive at a conclusion, in the early 1990s, that

it may not be possible to find this Unified Field Theory after all. Ironically, while Professor

Hawking was declaring the search for the Unified Field Theory an impossible problem to

solve, God was blessing the black race with the solution to that same problem, when God

blessed Professor G. Oyibo with the God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT).

God ended the search for the Unified Field Theory through GAGUT, thereby contradicting

Professor Hawking’s conclusion. It is therefore amazing that15 years after declaring the

problem of the Unified Field Theory impossible to solve by Professor Hawking that

GAGUT, the discovery of the Theory of Everything or the Unified Field Theory has been in

existence in various publications for those same 15 years. Professor Hawking is now

reported according to the New York Tines to have said at the June 19, 2006 Beijing

Conference, Strings 2006, “We are close to answering an age-old question,” “Why are we

here? Where did we come from?” The New York Times article also reported that Professor

Hawking’s lecture attracted an audience of 6,000 people. The Comet, a Nigerian newspaper

through one of its writers, Mr. Olatunji Dare wrote an article attacking Professor G. Oyibo,

the individual blessed by God with the discovery of GAGUT. Mr. Dare erroneously

claimed that the Strings 2006 Beijing Conference was a forum where all the top experts, in the world, searching for the Unified Field Theory were invited to present status reports on their search for the Unified Field Theory. After searching the program for Strings 2006 and reading the New York Times report on the conference one could not find any single item of information that would confirm this claim by Mr. Dare. Instead, Strings 2006 appears to be the 2006 annual conference on String Theory. This can be seen by looking on the Internet at the previous annual conferences such as, Strings 1995, Strings 1996, … Strings 2005. Mr. Dare also erroneously claimed that if Professor G. Oyibo had actually found the Unified Field Theory, he would have been invited to attend Strings 2006, since Professor Hawking was invited. Mr. Dare continued his attack on Professor G. Oyibo with other fraudulent statements like the statements made above. String Theory is a topic within the broad subject of physics, like relativity theory or quantum theory. While the proponents of String, Relativity and Quantum theories hope to use one of these theories to accomplish Unification of the forces, String Theory is definitely not the only theory that can be used for Unification. On the contrary, Relativity and Quantum

Theories are more respected and better-established theories than the String Theory among

physicists. It is also clear that the focus of Strings 2006 was not necessarily Unified Field

Theory. Furthermore, Professor Hawking, when deciding on a Ph. D. topic in Physics,

rejected String Theory in favor of Relativity/ Cosmology Theory because he thought String

Theory was not mathematically rigorous enough, as was reported in the film entitled, A Brief

History of Time. The remarks made by Professor Hawking, “We are close to answering an

age-old question, Why are we here? Where did we come from?” say nothing about Unified

Field Theory. However, Mr. Dare misrepresented Professor Hawking’s remarks by claiming

that Professor Hawking remarked that he was close to finding a Unified Field Theory. The

remarks of Professor Hawking relate to issues in cosmology rather than Unified Field

Theory. It is therefore, puzzling to anyone why Mr. Dare would go out of his way to

misrepresent Professor Hawking’s remarks.

It is clear that Mr. Dare is desperately using fraudulent tactics to attack Professor G. Oyibo’s credibility. He was irrationally critical of the National University Commission’s invitation to Professor G. Oyibo’s to give a global presentation of GAGUT for scrutiny by the Nigerian Universities, the international community and the general public in 2004.

National University Commission ( NUC) organized the GAGUT Global Lecture Tour in Nigeria. The NUC scheduled 2 lectures at each of the selected universities. The lecture on the first day was given to the general public, including non-experts and experts. The second day lecture was given to experts in mathematics, physics and other sciences followed by a rigorous questions and answer session, during which the experts were challenged to tear GAGUT apart academically. Some of the experts were already familiar with GAGUT, particularly through Professor A. Animalu’s published review of GAGUT, which was presented in the year 2000.

That global presentation of GAGUT was unprecedented, in the history of science, in that both the scientific experts and the public at large were provided with an opportunity to scrutinize, criticize and judge the correctness of GAGUT. It seems that Mr. Dare is angry because the global GAGUT presentation was such a resounding success. Almost every scientific expert and even non-experts were convinced and agreed that GAGUT is totally correct and godly, and Professor G. Oyibo and

others were compelled to give praise to God for such a righteously pleasant end result.

Mr. Dare accused Professor G. Oyibo of not allowing GAGUT to be scrutinized by peers.

That is simply a very vicious lie and a fraud on the part of Mr. Dare. This is because GAGUT has been published in international journals such as International Journal of Mathematics, Game Theory and Algebra and the Russian Journal of Non Linear Problems in Science and Engineering. GAGUT was reviewed by legendary mathematicians and physicists, such as Professors Greogoris Tsagas (former President of the Balkan Society of Geometers), Pavel Dubowskii (leading academician researcher of the Russian Academy of Sciences), Jaume Carot (famous French mathematical physicist), A.Cichocka (a famous Checkslovakian mathematician), Iya Abubakar (legendary Nigerian mathematician with a Ph. D. in mathematics from Cambridge University), A. Pozzi (famous Italian mathematical physicist), A. Animalu (legendary Nigerian mathematical physicist with physics degrees from Cambridge University) and Edith Luchins (very well known mathematics professor and an aide to Albert Einstein) to name just a few.

Professor Luchins wrote,“ The most exciting contribution to me, personally,

is Dr. Oyibo’s formulation of Einstein’s Unified Field Theory or ‘the theory of everything

. . . I am thrilled that Gabriel Oyibo was the first to complete the task that

intrigued and challenged Einstein and many other luminaries in science. Moreover,

he did so in a mathematically elegant manner… Professor G. Oyibo’s contributions

are extremely important, both theoretically and practically.... he is eminently qualified

for the Nobel Prize in Physics.”

Prof Alex Animalu, in his review entitled, Review of Oyibo’s Grand Unified Theorem with

Realizations of a Hierarchy of Oyibo-Einstein Relativities concluded,

“We are, therefore, led to the conclusion that Professor G. Oyibo’s GUT has a sound

mathematical and physical basis and is a viable frame work for a Grand Unified Field

Theory of Everything.”

Prof Iya Abubakar categorically verified that the GAGUT equation G ij, j = 0 “is perfectly

correct” and further verified that the GAGUT equation can be interpreted as “God does not

change.” He also indicated that the verification of GAGUT by another mathematical

legend Professor Grigoris Tsagas proves that GAGUT is correct.

It is amazing that Mr. Dare does not understand that these reviews are peer reviews.

GAGUT has also been covered by Math News, an authoritative news source for significant developments in mathematics worldwide, and has recognized GAGUT as the HOLY GRAIL, a phrase that is used in the scientific and the mathematic world to represent the ultimate research goal for human beings, which is the Unified Field Theory, or the Theory of Everything. MathNews comes out of the University of Turin (Torino), Italy, one of the oldest universities (1404) in Europe. One of the MathNews reports on GAGUT (July 23, 2005) entitled THE HOLY GRAIL!!! was featured with their report about significant research developments from Massachuttes Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as from Cambridge University in England, and other prestigious universities. MathNews is edited by Professor Umberto Cerruti, a very renown mathematician. GAGUT’s classification as THE HOLY GRAIL by MathNews, therefore has confirmed for mathematicians and non mathematicians that GAGUT is the long awaited discovery of the secret code to the universe.

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Patti Richards

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Brain Scientists offer insight into vision

July 23, 2004



world wide enquiries jam web site of Nigerian professor who

discovered secrets of the universe

By Sola Fanawopo

Access to the web site of the Nigerian-born, United States-based, Nobel Prize nominee, Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo, (http://www.geocities.com/igala1) has been jammed throughout last weekend, because several people are trying to log on to the web site to read about his latest discovery, 'God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem' (GAGUT).

Several attempts by our correspondent to log on to the site were unsuccessful. An apology boldly displayed on the site greets a visitor. It goes thus: 'Sorry, this site is temporarily unavailable! The web site you are trying to access has exceeded its allocated data transfer.'

Other attempts to access the site through several other search engines such as yahoo, MSN and Google, did not yield the expected result.

To underscore the extent of the impact of his work in the Western world, the German Armed Forces, through its Nuclear Bomb Research, is now seriously understudying his works. On a famous German book web site, abebooks.de, the German Federal Armed Forces is offering and promoting one of Oyibo's works, 'Highlights of the Grand Unified Field Theorem', at EURO10.00.

Also at DESY, the library of the German Nuclear Bomb Research, Oyibo's 'Grand Unified Field Theorem: The Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory', is listed.

In the US, Oyibo's books are mostly reserved in reference sections in major libraries including those in Stanford, Harvard and several top universities in Europe.

http://alpha01.dm.unito.it/personalpages/cerruti/mathnews.html 8/11/2005

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The quest for more public information about his works is also going at an alarming pace.

The New York station of Public Broadcasting Service, PBS, has asked him to join the station in producing a documentary on his findings.

According to a release from the New York-based OFAPPIT Institute of Technology, which is the research-based organisation that Oyibo set up as 'the official home' of his GAGUT discoveries, 'this documentary is expected to be a multi-part series on the discovery.'

The institute is also embarking on a fundraising drive to collaborate with the PBS in producing the documentary. The drive targets corporations, foundations and individuals' contributions.

At Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) another leading technology and science school in the US, graduate students and some teachers embarked on an aggressive petition drive to make the school authorities invite Oyibo to deliver a public lecture at the school.

According to the MIT petition, 'We feel that a lecture and discussion about the scientific and social implications of this theory would be beneficial to our school by broadening our academic and social awareness.'

But crucial to Oyibo's passion is the need to educate Africans about the discovery that he commendably and boldly named after The Almighty God ' the God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem or GAGUT

Oyibo insists that the focus of his work is God. 'He sent the revelation...and a revelation comes for a reason.'

He referred to Isaac Newton, a minister of the Church of England in his days, who got a revelation. Oyibo submitted that it was Newton's spiritual basis that helped his scientific findings.

Said Oyibo : 'The message to Newton was to elevate the Europeans through the revelation on how the planets move. He was referring to the universal gravitational law, which governs the motion of the planets and stars.'

According to Oyibo, Newton got the formula through a revelation he could not explain ' he got a solution without an equation. But 100 years later, Professor Poisson, a French mathematician, supplied the equation. Oyibo then observed that 'all knowledge comes from God, in some cases it is acknowledged, others don't.'

Moving on to Albert Einstein who credited the creation of the world to the Big Bang, Oyibo noted that his discovery was sent to deliver the Jews. 'Then the Jewish people were living in ghettos in Europe, undergoing hard times, when there were signs in some public places that 'dogs and Jews' were not welcome. They even put the dogs first,' Oyibo explained with a tinge of distaste.

It was under those circumstances that Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. That changed the fate of the Jews, as that discovery led to the first atomic bomb in the US, to where several Jews then moved, following Einstein's settling down at Princeton University.

Oyibo is now staking out the claim that GAGUT is the father of relativity and 'if relativity lifted the Jews, GAGUT is also sent by God to liberate and lift black people.'

Who is Oyibo?

Professor Gabriel Audu Oyibo is a Kogi State, Nigerian-born, mathematical physicist, resident in the United States of America and currently making waves around the world with his GAGUT Theorem ' more like the Holy Grail, the theory of everything, holding the entire secrets of the universe.

Oyibo 's work has advanced Einstein's Relativity and answered questions that the science icon tried to address, regarding the origins of the universe but could not answer, before he died.

With the professor's findings he hopes that with the right funding, even incurable diseases such as AIDS, cancer, Parkinson's syndrome and Alzeimer's disease, would be curable within three years. Based on the GAGUT formula, cells in the affected human body would be 're-tuned' rather than killed. Viruses that attack the body's T-cells are not living organisms and therefore cannot be killed. They merely utilise energy from the T-cells to multiply themselves. Professor Oyibo's discovery will merely help doctors re-tune the cells instead of killing them, providing a permanent cure.

Gabriel Oyibo, who obtained a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Mathematics from Rensseler Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, has been nominated for the Nobel Prize, thrice now.


http://alpha01.dm.unito.it/personalpages/cerruti/mathnews.html 8/11/2005

Additionally, one should note that Göttingen University, the Harvard of Germany and the home of one of the three greatest mathematicians of all times. Fredrich Karl Gauss. The legendary mathematician was honored by featuring a specialized group of selected Mathematics works in the Gauss 2005 celebration. The selected works include that of the legendary David Hilbert, (Hilbert Space in Mathematics), who competed with Einstein in the development of the general relativity theory as well as works of Sir Michael Atiyah, a Field Medal winner (Nobel Prize equivalent in Mathematics) in 1966 and former Master (President) of Trinity College of Cambridge University, also considered one of the greatest mathematicians alive, as well as works by other mathematics luminaries. Professor Gabriel A. Oyibo’s book is one of the thirteen books that have been selected to honor Fredrich K. Gauss.

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NR. 24 David Hilbert: Knowledge and mathematical thinking

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16 Titu Andreescu and Zuming Feng: 103 trigonometry problem from the training OF the the USA IMO team

NR. 15 Yaakov Friedman: Physical applications OF homogeneous ball

NR. 14 Ovidiu Calin and the Chen Chang: Geometric mechanics on Riemannian manifolds

GAUSS 2005 selected and featured GAGUT, along with the work of Professors David Hilbert and Sir Michael Atiyah, to honor one of the greatest mathematicians of all time,. Professor Atiyah was not only a colleague of Professor Stephen Hawking at Cambridge University, but also split Newton’s titles at Cambridge with Professor Hawking. As was stated earlier, Newton held the titles of Master of Trinity College and the Lacasian professor at Cambridge University. Professor Atiyah held the position of Master of Trinity College and Professor Hawking has the Lucasian professorship. Furthermore, the research work of Professor Atiyah which is featured on Gauss 2005 had earned him a Field Medal and the Abel Prize, both of which are equivalent to the Nobel Prize. Professor Atiyah’s work also is known to have applications to String Theory. Therefore, it is clear that Professors Atiyah and Hawking are on a comparable ranking. One can then see that since GAGUT is ranked in the same class as Professor Atiyah’s work by GAUSS 2005, GAGUT is therefore being classified in the highest academic research ranking. But. As we said earlier, Professor Hawking started out with a goal to find the Unified Field Theory, which he later abandoned. Professor G. Oyibo, on the other hand, was blessed by God to find that Unified Field Theory through GAGUT. Professor Hawking’s questions, “Why are we here? Where did we come from?” in his remarks at the Beijing Conference, have already been answered by GAGUT and presented during the GAGUT Global Lecturer Tour in Nigeria in 2004. Professor Hawking was also said to have lectured to an audience of 6,000. Professor G. Oyibo presented GAGUT to an audience of over 6,000 at the Kogi State University, during one of the lectures given during the GAGUT Global Lecture Tour of Nigeria that lasted for over 30 days in 2004. Information from the Internet seems to support an assumption that Professor Hawking is familiar with GAGUT. For example, GAGUT has been a topic of discussion on the Naked Scientists website, which is funded by Cambridge University. GAGUT books are available at the British Library and other institutions in Great Britain. Applied Mathematics: Methods and Applications, is a research monograph, edited by Professor G. Oyibo. Mr. Dare cited that research monograph as one of the publications in which GAGUT was published. But he discounted that publication of GAGUT, in an implicit way, by emphasizing that Professor G. Oyibo was the editor of the monograph. What Mr. Dare covered up or deliberately ignored in that process is that monograph was indeed the proceedings of a mathematics symposium in which GAGUT was presented to some of the finest mathematicians in the world, including Professor Julian Cole, the former head of the Math Department at California Institute of Technology (Caltech), which is among the five top universities in the world according to the Financial Times of London. Others at the symposium included Professor Paul Garabedian, former head of the math department at Stanford University, considered the second best university in the world according to the Financial Times of London. Also at that symposium was Professor George Handelmann, who was the Amos Eaton Professor of Mathematics at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, was also the former head of the math department at Brown University, an Ivy League School. The symposium was in fact dedicated to Professor George Handelmann on the occasion of his 74th birthday. The symposium was also attended by Prof Edith Luchins, mentioned earlier, an aide to Albert Einstein. These preceding illustrious mathematicians along with other mathematics luminaries attended the presentation of GAGUT and had an opportunity to scrutinize GAGUT. None of these mathematicians had any problems with GAGUT, which is another way of saying GAGUT was reviewed and scrutinized by these great mathematicians before it was published in that research monograph. That fact, as was explained before, was not disclosed to the readers, by Mr.Dare. It was learned later on that the applied mathematics monograph was so popular among mathematicians; that highly regarded mathematicians and mathematics institutions including the famous London Mathematical Society, purchased copies of that monograph. The demand for the monograph was so high that some bookstores were advertising the monograph for fives times its original price of $135. The London Mathematical Society members and other mathematicians worldwide have been aware of GAGUT since the presentation at the symposium in 1995 and the subsequent publication of the proceedings and other journal articles. There have been no negatives reviews of GAGUT, so far.

As one carefully reads Mr. Dare’s misrepresentations and attack on Professor G. Oyibo the following compelling questions present themselves; 1) Who is Mr. Olatunji Dare? 2) Is he or she and African or a Non-African? 3) Whose interest is he or she serving with that fraudulent article? Mr. Dare’s blatant disregard for the truth and his determination to discredit GAGUT, Africans and Professor G. Oyibo clearly shows that Mr. Dare is not serving the interest of Africans at all and therefore he must be serving the interest of the enemies of Africans. As we are reading Mr. Olatunji Dare’s fraudulent article we are also reading a similar article by another writer for the DAILY Trust which is spreading similar fraudulent information about GAGUT the writer in the Daily Trust is named Mr. Farooq Kperogi. Mr Kperogi actually declared Professor Oyibo and GAGUT a fraud without any proof at all. One also observes that these two articles were published in two strategic newspapers in terms of news coverage that would impact all of Nigeria. The Comet covers the southern part of Nigeria and the Daily Trust covers the northern part of Nigeria. One has no idea who Mr Farooq Kperogi is. The similarity in terms of the basic content and ideas between the articles of Mr. Dare and Mr. Kperogi would suggest that a common origin. That origin, as demonstrated earlier, would be the enemies of the African people. Judging from the high level of fraud, determination, blatant arrogance, boldness and guts characterizing their attempts to discredit Professor G. Oyibo, the African people and GAGUT, one is led to a clear understanding of the compelling motives of these enemies of the African people. One is further strongly persuaded to draw an analogy between the way the truth was ignored or misrepresented in these articles and the global characterizing of the African race, as a race of scammers or a race that is always presented in a bad light in almost every news article or presentation. For example, Nigeria is being portrayed globally as a nation of scammers, particularly in the foreign news media. In the light of the facts presented earlier proving these two articles to be fraudulent or a scam, one could now ask one fundamental question: IS THE AFRICAN RACE A RACE OF SCAMMERS OR A RACE THAT IS BEING SCAMMED GLOBALLY? The answer is clearly that the African race is being scammed, especially by the foreign news media and all their propaganda systems. It has been proved in the analysis in this writing that Misters Dare and Kperogi are not only scammers and fraudulent but one also sees them as representing foreigners and foreign interest as opposed to Africans and African interest. One of the very telling signs indicating Misters Dare and Kperogi to be scammers and fraudulent is their totally ignoring the GAGUT equation, Gij, j = 0, which is not only significant, central and the only real issue which their articles should have been addressing. By the grace of the almighty God, the integrity of the GAGUT equation is so righteously high and godly, it is very difficult for scammers like Misters Dare and Kperogi to criticize or find fault with it. Therefore, the only way scammers or anyone else can attack GAGUT is by using fringe issues to artificially create a fraudulent illusion. Such an illusion can be easily detected by a careful reader.

The history and the depth of scam being perpetrated against Africans by foreigner are simply huge and has been going on for the last 25 centuries. That foreign scam has been responsible for not only the fall of the African civilizations but also the continuous impoverishment of the African race. Through the illusions created by these foreign scams, foreigners are deluded into thinking that the African race simultaneously scammers and stupid, which is inconsistent with reality. Foreigners convince themselves that the Africans are so stupid that they can only be given an inferior education. That process over these 25 centuries, through a self-fulfilling principle has led those foreigners to think that Africans are incapable of achieving high standards in academics. Africans therefore, were not expected to be participating in the highest academic competition, which is “ which human race is going to be the one to find the secret code to the universe or the Unified Field Theory of the Theory of Everything. That competition is also equivalent to determining which human race or group is the most blessed or gifted by God since knowledge is believed to come directly from God. Therefore, it was in total shock and disbelief, which are still lingering on the part of the foreigners, that the Africans have been blessed with the discovery of the secret code to the universe, the Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything. That discovery is called GAGUT. This disbelief and shock on the part of the foreigners is probably best expressed by an European American nationalist on the Glock Talk chat forum, Glock Talk .com, when he stated,“ Is that (GAGUT) a joke? I sure hope so, but I fear not.”

Another dimension of the disbelief and shock on behalf of the foreigner is that GAGUT is not only a Godly discovery in terms of expressing a mathematically provable truth it also has very critical practical applications, that seriously challenges that disbelief and shock. For example, while Mr. Dare, Mr. Kperogi, Professor Scott Williams and others representing the foreign detractors of Africans are wishing GAGUT is a joke, GAGUT has produced a critical practical result, which righteously destroys that wish. That critical practical result, is the GAGUT Longevity Program, which is being studied an used around the world currently. For example, below you can find a discussion of the longevity about the longevity program in a Yugoslavian or Croatian language. This GAGUT Longevity Program was clearly revealed to humanity by God through GAGUT and seems to be the only remedy, so far, to the pandemic flu which is predicted to arrive in the Fall of 2006.

Finally, this disbelief and shock on the part of the foreigners, about GAGUT are further challenged by the US Intelligence Cryptic Analysis of GAGUT delineating the realities of GAGUT. It is presented below.

GOD Almighty Grand Unified Theorem, (GAGUT) Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness (LLPOH), and Professor G. Oyibo -

A Cryptic Analysis by a US Intelligence Group


Grand Unified Theorem (2nd Edition) by G. A. Oyibo
A valuable addition to your personal collection. Definitely worth considering right now!

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Grand Unified Theorem by G. A. Oyibo

Highlights of the Grand Unified Theorem: Formulation of the Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything by G. A. Oyibo

Grand Unified Theorem (2nd Edition) by G. A. Oyibo

Grand Unified Theorem: Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory by Gabriel A. Oyibo

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By: G. A. Oyibo and Gabriel A. Oyibo
Publisher: Nova Science Pub Inc
Sales Rank: 1,255,298
Media: Hardcover
Release Date: 01 December, 2001
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GAGUT GOD Almighty Grand Unified Theorem , Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness (LLPOH), and Professor G. Oyibo

A Cryptic Analysis by A US Intelligence Group

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Grand Unified Theorem: Discovery of the Theory of Everything and the Fundamental Building Block of Quantum Theory by Gabriel A. Oyibo A valuable addition to your personal collection. Definitely worth considering right now!

All this evidence are pointing to the emergence of the GAGUT Universe, which is characterized by the equations Gij.j = 0. The GAGUT Universe is a Universe that does not expand and is a total universe, which describes the essence of almighty God. It is also a universe where God is to glorified through African Global Leadership.

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